How about this for the weekend?

Earlier today we published a study showing that public services need to nurture and sustain vulnerable small projects
There are a number of attachments that we'll be uploading here soon.
I really hope this fund will be created. Sustainable funding like the would help many projects.
We also need more people in official capacity to understand open source, small projects, and similar. There's far too little understanding and far too much ignorance.
Good morning! Well, there is always this ..
Absolutely. But speaking more specifically about open source, we need to raise awareness.
Just so you're all aware: the annexes have been added (sometime last week). Enjoy reading!
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really nice.

For those who wanna see if its worth clicking through. I think it is 😊

Following # # reports and annexes can be found:

- Development of a Funding Mechanism for Sustaining Open Source Software for European Public Services

- Annex A - Existing Top Down Funding Mechanisms

- Annex B - Existing Bottom Up Funding Mechanisms

- Annex C - Non Financial Sustainability Issues and Solutions

- Funding Mechanism Study - Docx Files

- Funding Mechanism Study - ODT Files