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Theme für Pelican mit Friendica-Zeitleiste

Content warning: *Pelican Theme simplyOpen* *Erstellung von persönlichen Blogs* Ich nutze ab und zu den Static Website Generator Pelican für mein privates Blog. Wie die meisten Nutzer habe ich mehr Zeit mit der Anpassung des Themes verbracht als mit tatsächlichem Blog-I

Marco R. friendica
Ich habe ein kleines Problem mit meiner Webseite . Der Kopfteil sieht so aus, als wenn er oben eine Margin von circa 20 Pixel hat. Allerdings ist das in der CSS nicht so angegeben. Wenn ich die mit Pelican generierte HTML aber mit einem Editor öffne und unverändert speichere, ist diese Margin weg. Weiss jemand, was das Problem ist?
Marco R. friendica
Es war wohl ein Problem mit einem Whitespace im Template, welches mit einem GUI Editor nicht sichtbar war...

Marco R. friendica
@Friendica Support It seems Mastodon provides only a RSS feed of the users posts and Friendica only an Atom feed. Or is there a RSS feed of the posts of a user?
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marco R. Friendica supports both RSS and Atom for reading feeds, but we only publish Atom feeds.

Marco R. friendica
Nice ppdcast talk with Evan Prodromou about Mastodon and ActivityPub with some interesting ideas:

The Changelog: Into the Fediverse



Marco R. friendica

Slow death of Twitter API?

@Friendica Developers After Twitter killed the access of third party clients, I am unsure about any development efforts for the Twitter client API in Friendica. I use the Twitter API in my Friendiqa app mainly due to the permission stuff that existed there and addional content (in the friendica_HTML field). I am considering to switch to the Mastodon API. For that some addional fields apart from the pure Mastodon fields are needed. What do you think about the situation?
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Of course we will keep the Twitter endpoints. But I prefer to improve the Mastodon endpoints instead, since they are much more structured.

Also with a lot of help by @Hank G ☑️ the API currently is massively extended. So I suggest to focus more on the Mastodon endpoints and to request extensions there.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marco R. It's okay, @Hank G ☑️ has been adding Friendica-specific fields to some Mastodon API endpoints, just tell us what you need.

Marco R. friendica

No new connection possible

@Friendica Support

When I try to follow an account in Mastodon, I get an error message that the network type is unknown and I can not follow the account. That means probing fails. I can follow the RSS feed of the account at most.

Marco R. friendica

Translations for Friendiqa

I created a new translation project for my Friendiqa app at Codeberg:

I think manual translations with by myself are not that great in the future.

Marco R. friendica
@Friendica Support Has the Friendica repository been removed from ? I see only addon repositories.
Tobias friendica (via ActivityPub)
No but yes temporarily or so... problem is that the resettelment of the core repository does currently fail with different errors depending on the moon phase or so. @Philipp Holzer has filed two bug reports and found another PR for gitea that might be helpful.

But yes, I'll setup a new mirror as a placeholder again.

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Marco R. friendica
Laut einer Meldung für die DSA Regulierung hat Twitter 100 Mio. monatlich aktive Nutzer in der EU. Das ist fast jeder vierte EU-Bürger! Ich kenne in meinem Umfeld kaum einen Nutzer. Wo kommen die alle her? Lebe ich in der falschen Bubble?

Marco R. friendica
Yeah, my Android app Friendiqa is back in the Goigle Playstore after the inklusion of blocking and reporting feature and the requirement to accept the server terms before the login.

The binary FDroid repo is also available as well as Flatpaks for Desktop and mobile Linux. 😀

The Arch AUR is in the making for the latest release.

Marco R. friendica
Zum Glück müssen wir hier nicht so viele Bots bekämpfen wie auf Twitter...

KDE celebrates #ilovefs day with new LTS release:

Can't wait for it to land in @Arch Linux (unofficial)

Today is #ILoveFreeSoftware day. Thank you #kde for the best DE and the many contributors to #Debian and #Arch for their work. And thanks to #Fdroid and #LineageOS who try to keep my phone free of spying software.

Weiss jemand, warum Thorsten #Sträter bei den Verschwörungstheoretikern von #NuhrImErsten war? Braucht er dringend Geld?
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