Twitter API deprecated?

!developers In the last release, the old API became worse again. The api/friendica/notification is not existing anymore despite being in the documentation. The API /conversation/show have in_reply_to_I'd which make not sense. In the API /statuses/friends_timeline the news have three user objects which are all the same, even for reposts. For posts with embedded content the images are not in the attachments as was the case in earlier versions.

All this leads me to the conclusion, that these APIs are not in the developers focus, are not tested afterbchanges and degrade over time.

Are App developers required to use the Mastodon API?

Cheers, Marco
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
In the last version we transformed the coding for the Twitter API and rebuilt them in the new class structure. I tested each endpoint as far as it was possible, but of course problems can occur.

Please report any issues.

Concerning the future: Currently the Mastodon- and the Twitter-API are using different id values for the items. This will eventually change. Then it will make sense to use all API flavours in a wild mix. It is not planned to deprecate the Twitter API. The opposite is true. It should be now possible to register via OAuth and to use any part of the API.
api/statuses/friends also returns strange values and mentions obviously also don't work for status posts ­čśĽ
I am not on github and cannot open issues there. In the current state of the API it does not make sense to publish a new version of Friendiqa with the Twitter API.
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
I will need some list to work with.
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Although an issue would be nicer, you can of course also compile a list of the endpoints that behave differently and in which way. I will have a look at it.
I have created a list at
But honestly, does it make sense to support so many different APIs with the limited developer ressources that Friendica has? In my opinion it would make sense to support only one set (probably the more advanced Mastodon set for messages with additional options like permissions) and an additional set for Friendica specific things like groups, photos, events,... I experienced difficulties with APIs after almost every release in the past, because the APIs are not in the developers focus.
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
The "develop" branch now contains several fixes for the API. Can you test again?
Is that fix available at
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Further update: Most issues should be resolved now, please have a look here:

Concerning the bookmark functionality, please have a look at the endpoints of the Mastodon API. There we have the endpoints POST /api/v1/statuses/:id/bookmark and POST /api/v1/statuses/:id/unbookmark. The API endpoints are now interchangeable concerning the item id.

Please have in mind that you have to remove and re-add the account since the item id has changed.
Thank you, I have a look at the bookmark API. However, in Friendica 3/2022 replies to a post and retweets of a post don't seem to work. They probably refer to the old id. Can you confirm this?
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Good question.
POST /api/v1/statuses/:id/bookmark and POST /api/v1/statuses/:id/unbookmark also don't work. They return a newsitem object, but bookmarked is always false and in the web frontend i don't see them bookmarked.
Is May the planned date for the reply error? Then I should work around it with a new version of Friendiqa.
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
It will be part of the next release. But it would be much better if you use a server with the develop branch, this speeds up development and tests.
Then I will publish a fixed version which uses the Mastodon API for replies until the next Friendica version. It makes no sense to have a Social Media App where the user cannot reply to a post.