Marco R. friendica

Friendiqa version v0.6.5

I published a new version of Friendiqa, a mobile and Desktop app for Friendica (more info at ).
The latest version fixes a bug for replies in Friendica 3/2022 . The image download from the gallery works again - yay!
There are also some additional emojis.

You need to remove your account and add it again, because the newsitem id changed in the API in Friendica 03/2022.

The app is available for Android, Linux (Arch Linux and a x86 Flatpak) and Linux Mobile (arm64 Flatpak).

Additional stuff from v0.6.4, if you missed that one:
* Search for new contacts (hashtags, names)
* Filter contacts
* many new emojis
* Rebuild contacts handling due to buggy Contacts API
* Removed permissions for new messages due to buggy Contacts API
* Sync all accounts in background (not only active)