!Friendica Support Is it possible, that the probe/follow function is broken in the current stable release? I want to follow some contacts from from the contacts search field in /contact. But I get only the .rss feed as contact or the network type cannot be determined. This happens also with other Mastodon profiles. friendica (via ActivityPub)
Hello.. I have just tried to search and then follow --> seemed to work. (using 2022.10 stable)
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Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
Which format have you tried? Can you give an example?
I have tried "" and, which result in network type unknown. When I try it says it is Mastodon in the request window. But when I press "Follow", it says I am connected with network type RSS/Atom.
Is it some misconfiguration? How can I debug this?
Oh interesting, before I press follow, it is (mastodon contact type), but after that it is (RSS type with another number). Do I need to clean up my contact table?