Marco R. friendica

New Friendiqa version 0.6 in Fdroid private repo

Hi @Friendica Developers
I pushed the code for v0.6 to .

New in this version:
* New language: Hungarian
* Multiple photos in post open in separate slideshow
* Layout redesign
* Adaptive sidebar
* Sync Friendship Requests, approve/deny/ignore requests
* Events: show upcoming events below calendar
* Linux: Drag&Drop for text/images for new messages and photo upload
* Linux: Remember app size

I also pubslihed the Android version in the private FDroid repo at
Could someone please test it? If I don't receive any major bug reports, I will publish the new version in the Playstore this weekend.
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Marco R. friendica
@Friendica Developers The registration in is closed. Do you need any help setting up postfix on that server to open the registration?
utzer [Friendica] friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Tobias anyway, why did we choose gitea over gitlab? I have not idea what is the difference, but it feels gitlab is more popular? @Marco R.
utzer [Friendica] friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Tobias ok
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