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Distro personal crisys (an open letter to myself... )

tl;dr I think this is something that happens from time to time but I think I need to change distro for a while. And I just realized this long post is for me, because I have to deal with my ideals and I am not really happy to do that, but I am not having fun with Debian recently and I need to solve it.

After ten years of #Debian I see Debian changing in something that I don't recognize or I don't feel comfortable with it. Many years ago Debian was also synonymous of innovations, on every fields, today what happens in Debian is, along to slow, behind the scene, like the Risc-V port but for the Desktop area there is nothing exciting and since the #systemd debate I had the feelings that Debian simply refused to lead in favor on just following the events. I mean I am really prone to think if tomorrow Ubuntu is shipped with Just snaps that Debian will follow the same, honestly DEB/DPKG/APT are just old as sysvinit and if you changed the latter there is no reason why you can't change even the former.

Today there are a tons of very good Desktop oriented distros, it is just me and Debian that we are stick like ten years ago. Today we have community project like #ElementaryOS, #ZorynOS or #LinuxMint, and sponsored distros like the same #Ubuntu, #PureOS and #Pop OS!. Without forgetting #ArchLinux, #Fedora and #Opensuse #Leap and #Tumbleweed. I probably will not choice the last three big; and among the ones I quoted early only PureOS is a Debian (testing) based distro, and the #Purism is also the only company that gives back to Debian, which makes PureOS a really strong candidate however because my laptop is a System76 one probably I will end to install Pop_OS!

When I bought my laptop the first thing I did was to erase any trace of *buntu... I really can't handle Canonical, it is from when Ubuntu just meant "I am unable to install Debian", I really don't like the behavior of Canonical in every sense, this is why I would not ever use a distro based on Ubuntu.

What, from my point of view, makes Debian superior respect the other distro available is because the DSFG, because it can't be only about technology! Technology without ethic is dangerous for all us and produce pollution, weapons, etc... Technology with an ethical approach produces wellness for everyone and produces also free software and distros like Debian.

This is why I am really reluctant to leave Debian even if for a while; and #GuixSD is not ready yet for a desktop use, and probably it is not even desktop oriented. But in Debian there is not space if you aren't a devs and the Debian users aren't really prone to accept changes and every debate in Debian fall down because Debian must be Debian as is known while you can change constantly if you respect your ideals.

The informatics is my entertainment and today I am not really happy with Debian, hence I am looking around. I am watching Pop_OS! closely.It is based on two of the pieces of software that I like the lesser, Ubuntu and #Gnome3, however it is modern and it works as a modern distro should do. For example it was able to install the "virtual box guest additions" out of the box, it recognized the executable file inside the "virtual cd" automatically. That was pretty impressive, at least for me. With Pop_os!/Ubuntu I can install all the QT applications as snap by default and keep my system clean while I have the snap software always updated.

Those are cool things, that aren't important in order to make your computer or OS usable, so I don't pretend that Debian must follow the same path, but, as a matter of fact today Debian is not following any path if not just collecting upstream software to produce a stable distro (IMHO). I am confident that in the future Debian will shine again, probably the competition with GuixSD will trigger this change, but in the meantime I will install Pop_Os!

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Use Albert Launcher On Linux To Boost Your Productivity

#Linux #Ubuntu #Debian #Fedora #ArchLinux #openSUSE
Ich finde irre, was die Leute von #Nextcloud auf die Beine stellen. Das ist wirklich besser als viele, kommerzielle Angebote.
Ich finde toll, was ich mit #Wordpress hinbekomm. Ich arbeite gerne mit #Mediawiki.
Du siehst: Ohne #PHP, #Apache, #MySQL käm ich nicht weit. Ohne #Firefox hätte ich keinen Browser. Ohne #Pihole müsste der viel mehr Bullshit laden.
#LibreOffice ist toll. Ich würde gerne mehr mit #Ubuntu arbeiten. #Volumio ist auch super!
Ich kann mich nicht entscheiden!

Fix Missing GPG Key Apt Repository Errors (NO_PUBKEY)

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Ubuntu Color Scheme for Frio

Steffen K9 🐰 - 2019-05-25 13:34:06 GMT
I really like theses colors. Maybe you'll like them too.


@Friendica Support #frio #color #scheme #ubuntu

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𝕽𝖎𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖉 - 2019-05-25 21:40:26 GMT
## Ubuntu Color Scheme for Frio

Steffen K9 🐰 - 2019-05-25 13:34:06 GMT
I really like theses colors. Maybe you'll like them too.


@Friendica Support #frio #color #scheme #ubuntu

Ubuntu Color Scheme for Frio

I really like theses colors. Maybe you'll like them too.


!Friendica Support #frio #color #scheme #ubuntu
Microsoft hat ja letzte Woche eine neue Version von WSL (ihrer Antwort auf WINE) angekündigt, jetzt mit echtem Linux-Kernel unter Windows. Ihr Argument war: Dann performt das viel besser, besonders das Filesystem. Als Use Case hatten sie einen git-Checkout.

Ich habe hier einen Kunden-Laptop, auf dem ich mal ein clang-tidy laufen lassen wollte. Also erstmal WSL mit ubuntu geholt. apt-get install clang-tidy gab mit 6.0. Aktuelles Release ist 8.0, ich arbeite sonst mit dem HEAD, das meldet sich als 9.0. Ja, nee, Ubuntu.

OK, dann update ich halt mal das Ubuntu von LTS auf unstable. Dachte ich mir. In meinem jugendlichen Leichtsinn. Erstens will deren CLI-Distro-Upgrade-Tool erst auf Devel upgraden, wenn man vorher auf die aktuelle Stable geupgraded hat. Und das Stable will er erst upgraden, wenn man vorher updated. Ich musste mir also drei komplette Distros ziehen für ein Upgrade. Danke, Ubuntu.

Aber das war nicht, weshalb ich das hier schreibe. Die Upgrades brauchen EWIG. Ich vermute, dass das an der schwachbrüstigen Hardware auf dem Kundenlaptop liegt, und daran, dass die Bitlocker anhaben, und dass da zwei fucking Schlangenöle parall laufen und sich gegenseitig behindern.

Da fiel es mir wie Schuppen von den Augen.

Was wenn WSL2 bloß dazu da ist, das Schlangenöl bei Filesystemzugriffen aus dem kritischen Pfad zu optimieren?

Diese Updates laufen jetzt hier seit über vier Stunden. Und die Pakete kamen mit 100 MBit reingeflutscht, daran lag es nicht.

Update: Dev-Ubuntu kommt mit gcc 8.3 und clang 7. WTF Ubuntu?! Was muss man denn bei euch nehmen, wenn man aktuelle Versionen haben will? Ubuntu Futur?

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[ANN]Arronax v0.7.0

I just released a new version of Arronax.

Arronax is a program that allows you to create and edit starters for programs and locations (*.desktop files) under Linux. Besides a standalone program there are optional plugins for the file managers Caja, Nautilus and Nemo.

Arronax is written in Python and uses GTK for the graphical user interface.


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Attention #Fennec #FDroid / #Firefox users: The critical 66.0.4 update is now available via F-Droid to fix the broken add-on support because of an expired certificate. That was incredibly fast for F-Droid standards! Don't forget to revert any unofficial fixes.

Meanwhile #Ubuntu users are still waiting for the latest Firefox update to be deployed. 🙄 #ArmagAddon #Android #Mozilla
A friend asked me what I think about the #Librem 13" notebook and now I wonder if one would want to use #Purism on it or would use #Ubuntu or similar instead.

I mean the idea with the hardware design is good, not sure how "open" the HW actually is, but why would one want to use a different #Linux at all? Why not use the OS you're used to? I mean for many cases I like to use #Mint or #Ubuntu (headless server version) anyway, so why bother to dig into Purism at all?

Suggestions, ideas and opinions welcome! Anyone using one of the laptops?

Développer son propre outil de travail ?

Avec un peu d'acharnement, j'ai réussi hier à tester #Ulysses, ce logiciel dédié à l' #écriture mais uniquement sur #MacOS (merci #VirtualBox) ; ça faisant deux ans que je voulais m'y frotter… eh bien je suis assez dégoûté, parce que c'est effectivement l' #outil qui correspond le mieux à mes besoins… Sauf qu'il est en prison, payant par abonnement uniquement, code fermé, sur système verrouillé d'identifiants et d'iCloud, sur machines #Apple odieusement chères ; #hackintosh alors ?
Cela étant, très bonne impression à l'usage de #MacOSX #Mojave
le thème sombre est propre, la rationalisation des onglets à travers les logiciels est bienvenue, l' #interface se fait très facilement disparaître, y compris la menubar en haut, l'ensemble apparaît cohérent…

Gros changement après mon utilisation d'il y a quinze ans maintenant sur processeur "G5" apathique… (heureusement, en même temps)

Et je me rends compte aussi de la distance qu'il y a entre cet #os et des #Solus #SolusOS #Slementary #SlementaryOS #Gnome et #Budgie pourtant vaillants (#Ubuntu, #Plasma #Cinnamon et compagnie sont à mes yeux assez catastrophiques en termes de #design #ux)
Reste plusieurs possibilités :pour ne citer que ceux-là…

#autonomisation vs #productivité ?
#développement " #empowerment " ou #folie ?
il y a plein de #moocs #python (j'en ai débuté un, et j'ai quelques notions de codage grâce à #Scratch et #php) qui me font penser que c'est peut-être un tout petit peu possible

il y a l'esprit #gnome et la démarche d' #elementary qui me parlent aussi, et qui m'orienteraient vers #vala :
is learning code and developping a first app with vala a good idea ?
i need a libre clone of #Ulysses
#bref, je ne sais pas faire un fil/thread sur ces réseaux de "microblogging"
morceaux originels chez #Mastodon :
Bei mir hat es funktioniert #Ubuntu

The pointlessness of the FSF endorsed distros based on Ubuntu...

A pure Free-Software distro is a very hard ambition as well as an hard goal to accomplish, you have to deal with your hardware and if your hardware is not compliance with the free Software it is almost impossible running a pure libre distro. But back to time when even installing a standard distro was an impossible task, Ubuntu came out helping a lot of people making easier installing linux on whatever hardware. However we have to flip the point of observation, at the beginning there were just free drivers mostly made through reverse engineering, most of them were too buggy or unreliables, and the few closed drivers were hard to obtain or unavailable to the end users. Hence running a linux distro and having a laptop or a PC with 100% hardware recognized was very hard to achieve but not for Ubuntu. Ubuntu made easy installing blob binaries on Linux and making your hardware properly working, cool! All of we are in debt with Canonical for this because Ubuntu broken this barrier and helped all the distro to achieve the same, pointing the direction to follow. The main point is Ubuntu used closed software to achieve its goal, it pursued a pragmatic approach instead of an ethical one and it was right.

Ubuntu also decided to focus on a smaller set of packages respect to Debian, from which it derivates, and it takes care only the packages available on the "main" repo while all the others are in the "universe" repo and are handled by the community. However to release Ubuntu the packages in "universe" don't need to be bugs free like the ones in Debian. As a matter of fact Debian is released when all the critical bugs are closed, then basically all the packages in Debian stable are working while, even in a Ubuntu LTS, the packages that are in the universe repo can still be buggy.

An Ubuntu LTS can have software more updated than a Debian Stable but the latter is 100% reliable and secure. Ubuntu takes care only of the packages that are strategic for the Canonical's business and has several partnerships with hardware and softwares vendors to provide binaries blobs and closed software on his platform in the name of the pragmatism and customers satisfaction. Fine, but now is clear that Ubuntu is not the best choice for a pure linux distro, when you take out from Ubuntu the closed softwares you lost all the points that make Ubuntu a pragmatic distro and eventually you have just a distro with an unusual repositories organization and with most of those packages available quite buggy.

Even FSF noticed that and as a matter of fact they switched from Ubuntu to Debian for their gNewSense distro. It is important to remember that Debian was financed, long time ago, by the FSF itself because it actually promotes free software by default but it is not restrictive like the FSF does and that caused a separation that still continues.

My suggestion is, if you like to have a FSF endorsed distro based on deb you had better to avoid any Ubuntu derivates and move on the ones based on Debian like the already mentioned gNewSense or PureOS and don't forget that Debian is 100% free software by default.

#linux #ubuntu #debian #freesoftware #fsf #libresoftware #softwarelibre #linuxlibre #gnu #floss
Ein nerviger Windoof Virenscanner (avira) nervte und nervte, zufällig l a g bei unserem EDEKA mal eine PC Zeitschrift mit #Linux zum ausprobieren DVD, und ich installierte #ubuntu
#Avira, ach ja, das waren doch die, die mich, mit WIN XP installiert, soviel nervten, mit "kaufe mich"!

Daß ich mir dann ein Computer Magazin kaufte, mit #Linux Live DVD und ich dann #ubuntu installierte 😀
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