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Just looking through my ancient #googleplus posts and am recycling this since I miss the early days. #newhere #glpusrefugee #gplusalumni
Just looking through my ancient #googleplus posts and am recycling this since I miss the early days. #newhere #glpusrefugee #gplusalumni
Love this letter and hope that #nasa did actually respond because #science matters😀 #newhere #glpusrefugee #gplusalumni

Isaac Kuo Intro Post

Isaac Kuo Intro Post

I'm posting a #gplusalumni post as a #newhere post, to make it easier for Google+ folks who knew me to find me. My G+ profile is here:

Isaac Kuo

My diaspora profile,, is here:

My tumblr blog, which I've had for a lot longer is here:

Check out my G+ profile for some idea of the stuff I'll be posting here, although with few reshares/reblogs.

My tumblr blog is more oriented toward animation fandom (especially Disney).

My pluspora (diaspora) account will be mainly for discussions among other pluspora folks, and will include a lot of reshares/reblogs with commentary.

This Hubzilla account will be more of a blog for me - posting original art and articles with few reshares/reblogs. My content here on Hubzilla will mainly stuff like:

1) My artwork #myart and especially artwork for #postcardsfromcutty which was my webcomic and which I'm sort of working on a videogame on.

2) #gamedevelopment and by that I mean videogames; mainly webgames in html5 because I use #linux and I like something that can be played on any platform. This isn't 100% ideal for mobile gaming, but I'm just not into touchscreen interface so much. I find mouse/keyboard to be more to my liking. So, my main games that I'm sort of working on are:

2a) #postcardsfromcutty - a sort of Shadow of the Colossus in deep space, but where you're utilizing and bringing some sort of new meaning to these lumbering automata. The lumbering automata are old mining robots, essentially, but the purpose of this seemingly alien ancient mining post is unclear.

2b) #ballrogue - a retro sort of 3 dimensional Robotron/Gauntlet-like game I have some odd ideas about. Actually, sort of like Centipede or Jeff Minter's VIC-20 Gridrunner game, but on a 3 dimensional cube grid rather than a 2 dimensional tile grid. And also, you can rotate to shoot in any of the 6 cardinal directions. You use the mouse to move laterally; mousewheel to move forward/back, and use WASD to rotate in 90 degree increments. This is unlike other FPS Descent-type games, where you can freely rotate in any direction. You can only rotate in the 6 grid directions.

2c) Social Justice Valkyrie Needs Food Badly - another retro sort of game, but in 2 dimensions more like classic Gauntlet. In this case, the mouse moves while the Left/Right mouse buttons allow rotation in the 8 main directions. I feel like this 2D game would be more accessible than the odd #ballrogue

3) #space technology posts and also creative Isaac Kuo #gizmo ideas. I have a lot of pet ideas for crazy ideas. Some examples:

3a) I've long pondered possible uses for kinetic impact powered propulsion. I'm one of at least a few people who independently realized in the 1990s that relativistic kinetic impactors might be used to solve the range problem of laser sail propulsion. I seem to be the only one of us who also realized that it can also be used to accelerate back in the direction toward the source of the impactors. This makes it useful for both braking (and return missions!) as well as acceleration.

3b) I like thinking of alternative personal vehicles that could be very cheap. One of my pet projects is this idea for a sideways "Sidebarrow" scooter - which moves sideways. Behind your seat is the main wheel, and the other two wheels are attached to your shoes. As you "push" with your feet, you propel yourself sideways.

4) #linux tips and tricks. I use almost exclusively Debian, and have developed various customized thingies to help make my computers work a lot better a lot cheaper. In particular, I have developed customized boot techniques to "RAMBOOT" an OS into a tmpfs ram drive. This gives SSD benefits without SSD expense, and where an SSD is not a practical option.

5) I'm also into #retrocomputing and #retrogaming although this post is not really a good fit for them. Sorry! There's not really a way to include the tag without including the tag.

5a) I cut my teeth on the VIC-20 and C64, although I also used TRS-80 and Apple ][ at the time. Also some terminal widgets with old IBM 3033, but whatever. Then used Amiga computers and a little bit of Atari ST. As far as games programming goes, mostly VIC-20, C64, and Amiga. I did program a Robotron clone on FoxPro for DOS, though...
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Generic tags used (sort of like Communities):

\#gplusalumni #newhere #myart #gamedevelopment #linux

My "Collections" style tags that will mostly be just my stuff:

\#postcardsfromcutty #ballrogue #gizmo
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