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Kaidan is now on the #Fediverse!

Kaidan is the new modern #XMPP client made with #Qt. It is usable on mobile & desktop platforms thanks to the convergent UI framework #Kirigami!
Wondering why I've been so quiet on #Kirogi, my #KDE #Kirigami app to fly drones? Because Android is a nightmare! I've been slaving away at making the Android and desktop builds be at parity, and by far the hardest part was playing back the RTP (no RTSP) video feed. The fourth video stack I've evaluated (#GStreamer + qmlglsink) was finally the charm, not that it was all that easy to get going either. Proof shot attached! Thanks to the awesome @AleixPol for lots of help with the KDE Android SDK.


I am planning to switch to the #Kirigami framework for @Friendiqa in the future. Does anybody habe experience/opinions about this framework? #KDE #
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