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You are correct about the #hashtags being insufficient in themselves. The problem is that spammer, click-baiters, all-round-troll-assholes will often tag their posts and replies with false #science, #mathematics, #news, etc. tags. Unfortunately, the system will add that disguised crap into your stream. 🙁

Your view of what's here can be modified by three things...
  • who you choose to put in your Aspects (follow)
  • who adds you to their Aspects (sharing with you)
andAlso, there are two distinct streams available:
  • your personal stream
  • the Public stream.
The latter is a free-for-all where you will see post from anyone and anywhere with any content.

The former, your personal stream, is determined by Aspects/#hashtags/people sharing with you. Yes, some crap will seep in to that stream, but not as much as you will see on the Public one.

If someone is sharing with you and you don't care to see their posts (not replies, just their original posts), then you can Ignore them by pulling up their profile and click the Ignore icon (circle with line through it). This will prevent their original posts from appearing in your personal stream, but not replies they leave on other people's posts.

It is what it is... until improvements in true blocking are instituted here.


To All Who are #NewHere


Besides all the other very helpful stuff that people post here about the #Federation and the #Fediverse, we still see a lot of new people appear, post their #newhere message, and then we never see them again. To help with that, I wanted to offer this little bit of information.
Diaspora takes time to become what you want it it to be.

This is because #Diaspora will not suggest “people you may know” or “stuff you might be interested in.” There’s no data-mining or tracking or spying on you to find out what to “suggest” to you. You build your own here, and that takes a little more time. It’s well worth the investment, but things will get off to a slow start at first. So I suggest the following:

Follow #hashtags that you’re interested in. You’ll find some really great stuff written by people who share that interest. Read the comments on those posts, and you’ll find even more people who write great stuff on the subject.

Follow people instead of just hashtags. Those people you find who write really good stuff, you can share with (add to your Aspects). I create new Aspect Categories according to some of the hashtags I follow. You can also ignore people who write stupid stuff, or who just fill your Stream with spam posts.

Make an imaginative profile that makes people want to share with you. Besides just listing your interests, you can include things you have contributed to the world. Even if it’s just “Little League outfielder” or “I talk too much in class” or “I have an awesome recipe for peach cobbler.”

Invest a little time in making Diaspora your own. It doesn’t really work on “auto-pilot.” It’s well worth the time!

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