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This is a reply/comment to the test post for #Friendiqa but in Friendiqa the edit tools suck and hashtags don't work.

A new kind of test post

☢ ☕ ☜

I'm composing this with the #Friendiqa Android app. It's not bad and not great either.

Above is an imbedded img via the link.

This is a linked website.

@Fantasy Sports Discussion you've been tagged!

Below? is an attached image.


API error on connecting with Friendiqa

I have successfully established a new friendica node on a sub domain of my web space. Now I have installed the Friendiqa app for Android on my mobile phone. When I try to access to my server, it triggers the API error below:

API: NO RESPONSE Internal Server Error

I suppose that I have to install something additional or configure something to get this work. Any idea or tipp?

#friendiqa #mobile #api
Hello !Friendiqa

with which sdk version can you build #Friendiqa?

I'm using QtCreator with SDK-Tools 26.1.1 and it complains about missing gradle scripts.
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