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Event Create API PR

!Friendica Developers

Hello, I was surprised that was net merged yet.

I am fine with the proposed changes, but unable to do them myself without github access. I just need to know, which API endpoints I can use in my Friendiqa App. I am already implementing the GUI for event creation...
Marco R. friendica
Thank you!
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
The PR has been merged on the RC branch, let me know if it's working as intended!

Marco R. friendica
In "LINUX Unplugged: 475: Brent's Bug Battle" ging es viel um Probleme mit Plasma in großen Distris. Ich hatte komplett andere Erfahrungen: nach dem Upgrade des Notebooks meiner Eltern auf Ubuntu 22.04 gab es seltsame Fehlermeldungen, selbst mit dem Fehlermeldetool (sowohl unter X.Org als auch unter Wayland) bei jedem Start. Erst ein Umstieg auf Plasma hat das Problem beseitigt. Es war noch eine kleine Schulung notwendig, aber seitdem keine Probleme mehr.

Was sind eure Erfahrungen?

Starten bei: 00:16:31

Webseite der Episode: Mediendatei:

Warum Atomkraft uns jetzt gar nicht hilft - Campact Blog
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Die Franzosen betreiben auch massive Realitätsverweigerung...

Krisenstab eingesetzt: Atomdesaster in Frankreich nimmt seinen Lauf

Marco R. friendica
!Friendica Developers
Hello, I am looking for a reason why I see no contacts in the API api/friends/list (see According to my database the column 'follows' is false for all entries.
The only function that can change this is the discoverByUrl function in src/Model/Contact/Relation.php. This function is only called by src/Worker/ContactDiscovery.php. This is called by src/Model/Contact.php updateFromProbeArray.
Somehow I think this is never called. The discoverByUrl function does some logging, whenever called. But I never find a 'Discover contacts' entry in my log file, even after days. Do I have to wait longer? I even tried to update the contact via the button in the frontend (the profile page of the contact) with nothing in the logs.

Marco R. friendica

Issue 4072 can be closed

!Friendica Developers

I just had a look at the issues labeled API at github. I think issue 4072 (
can be closed as followers_count and friends_count are now returned in that API.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Done, thanks!

Marco R. friendica

APIs to create, amend and delete events

Hi !Friendica Developers
As I am sick at home, I created two new APIs for events: Create and Delete.
The code is here at my Nextcloud:
It would be nice if someone has a look at it and integrates it into the develop branch. They work for me so far (except the ACL for the Create API, the allow_gid seems to get ignored). I have no account at Github, so I can not open issues for them or create a PR (or can I do PRs from I hope I did everything correct and didn't introduce security holes.
Feel free to ask questions.
Marco R. friendica
That would be great!

Schon krass, wie die Bundeswehr in den letzten Jahrzehnten runtergewirtschaftet wurde.

Lage der Nation - der Politik-Podcast aus Berlin: LdN299 "Ist die Bundeswehr eine Schrott-Armee?"

Eva Högl (Wehrbeauftragte des Deutschen Bundestages) Webseite der Episode:

Marco R. friendica
!Friendica Developers
Hello, I have another API question. According to lin 99 to 102 of
the privacy settings of a new message are taken from the Account settings and not from the API. In earlier versions of Friendica there existed allow_cid, allow_gid, deny_cid and deny_gid parameters in the API. Is it possible to reintroduce them as first priority for the privacy setting (and account settings as second priority) or would that break something?
Cheers, Marco!
Tobias friendica (via ActivityPub)
I would love to see the old behavior restored 😀

Marco R. friendica
Hi !Friendica Developers the APIs api/friends/list,api/followers/list,api/followers/ids and /api/statuses/friends, /accounts/[id]/followers, /accounts/[id]/following are still not working in Friendica 06/2022 (see They make a request on the table 'contact-relation' with the filter follow=true. However, for all 60000 entries on my server this value is false and follow-updated is always '0001-01-01 00:00:00'. So the return is always an empty list. I also did not found a function in the code that touches these columns.
In src/Model/Contact.php they only deal with the 'contact' table and change the rel column. Wouldn't it be better to query this table instead in the APIs?
Greetings, Marco.
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Roland Häder friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marco R. Hmm, my contact-relation has records where follow is 1 and also follow-updated is set.
Marco R. friendica
Oh, according to the code in SRC/Model/Contact/Relation.php this list only gets updates, if profile['hide-friends'] is empty. I guess I have set that to true, thats why all entriss have follow=false.
I didn't know that the hiding relates to the relationship-table being incomplete and the APIs (which require login) returning an empty array. I find that misleading...
Roland Häder friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Marco R. Please do maximum run SELECT statements and no UPDATE or DELETE on Friendica's tables. You might cause bugs with it. There are sometimes tables, that don't have a foreign key set because it isn't possible (e.g. cache).
Marco R. friendica
I think that this condition in line 180 to 183 of src/Model/Contact/Relationship.php is an error.
How long does it take for the contacts to be refetched and can I test if that condition was the error? Now the setting 'hide friends' is unchecked.

Seit Wochen bin ich der einzige in Meetings, der eine Maske trägt 😷 . Und dennoch muss ich jetzt daheim eine Maske tragen! Das Leben ist echt nicht fair...😞

Marco R. friendica
Hello @Friendica Support When I use the API /api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials with the wrong password, it returns a 401 error and as responseText a html page. According to this documentation it should return a JSON as responseText. In earlier versions it returned a JSON. Will that be corrected in the future or should I handle the 401 error? In that case the documentation probably needs an update.
Marco R. friendica
Ah okay. Didn't know about the different return with the .json call. Then I change my request in the app.
Marco R. friendica
I changed the API in my app, you can close the bug.

Marco R. friendica

API for personal notes

Hello !Friendica Developers ! Is it possible to create an API for personal notes similar to src/Module/Api/Twitter/Favorites.php but with condition 'post-type' => Item:😛T_PERSONAL_NOTE instead of 'starred' (and perhaps 'uid' => local_user() instead of 'uid' = ?)?
Thank you for your help!

Btw. Is it possible to replace colon and p only with an emoji if it is surrounded by whitespaces? 😕
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Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
I could imagine that we extend the API command to create posts via the Mastodon-style API, where you already can define the type of privacy. This could simply be extended with the type "note".
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Marco R. friendica
Yes, that would be great. I think I switch to the Mastodon API in Friendiqa now.

Marco R. friendica
@Friendica Developers I created a new page "use cases" for the wordpress site The page is currently set to private. Please have a look at it and set it to public if you find it okay.
Marco R. friendica
Die sind von Laut deren Webseite ist kein Hinweis auf die Quelle notwendig, aber erwünscht. Der Dateiname besteht aus dem Namen des Fotografen und ein eindeutiges Kürzel. Ich weiß leider nicht, wie man in Wordpress Quellenangaben macht.

Ich habe gerade meinen Matrix-Account gelöscht, da der Server demnächst abgeschaltet wird. Ich habe auch nicht viele öffentliche Matrix-Server gefunden, zu denen ich umziehen könnte. Wahrscheinlich ist der Serverbetrieb zu Resourcen-aufwendig.
Ich habe auch einen eigenen XMPP-Server für Family and Friends. Bisher habe ich noch nicht den großen Vorteil von Matrix gegenüber XMPP gesehen, der für einen Umstieg auf einen eigenen Matrix-Server und für ein Umlernen von Family and Friends spricht. Diskussionsräume, die mich interessieren (Linux, Datenschutz), stehen auch auf XMPP zur Verfügung.
Wie seht ihr das? Geht der Zug eindeutig Richtung Matrix? Lohnt der Umstieg auf einen (resourcen-sparsamen) eigenen Matrix-Server?
Oliver microhive (AP)
Schaut euch mal Conduit an, läuft bei mir (auf einem Uberspace) zuverlässig und unproblematisch als Ein-User-Instanz.
ij mastodon (AP)
Sprachnachrichten gibt es aber auch bei XMPP /o\. Und auch Voice & Video Calls. Es wird wohl auch grad an Video Group Calls gearbeitet...

Für Familie und Freunde bietet sich Snikket als XMPP Server an und löst auch das Problem mit IOS/Android Apps.

Die Ferengi wollen sich mal wieder nicht an Koalitions-Absorachen halten!

Lindners Vertragsbruch: Ausverkauf öffentlichen Eigentums stoppen! | WeAct

Since early this year you can follow people in gitea! Just put for example in the contact search field in Friendica and get all the news! Awesome 😍

Weekend saved 😎

Marco R. friendica
!Friendica Support Ehen I change my profile and add custom fields, I don't see them anywhere in the frontend. I can see them in the API. Is it planned to show them in the frontend?
Marco R. friendica
Now I see it in the subdirectory /profile ( Thanks!
Marco R. friendica
Yes, I would expect it at I don't even know how I get to /profile. When I click on my name or profile image and click "show profile" I land at

I just pushed a new commit for the Nextcloud Talk desktop client:
It is somewhat usable now.
Now I check the current state of the Friendica APIs...

Weiss jemand, wie man die Impfzertifikate in der CCTG verlängert?

Marco R. friendica
@Friendica Support Is it possible to improve the main site of the project ( I find it rather technical and low on images. It think, some usecase would be great in the upper part like: Hobbies: find likeminded people in public or private forums or in the global directory. Organisations: organise your group with images, calendars, forums. And so on... The technical details with access control lists and federation is not interesting to most (nontechnical) people.
Marco R. friendica
I created a markdown for the content:
If someone has more ideas, feel free to add things. The part for families/organisations is a bit light on content.
I am looking for images for each of the usecases.

Pralinen aus der #. Mal sehen, wie die schmecken...

Jetzt mein # Favorit: #!!!

# # erinnert mich irgendwie an den Film "Eurovision" mit Will Ferrell.

# Countdown startet auf One und Barbara Schöneberger sieht mal wieder echt Hammer aus!

Coole DVD von meinem Lieblings-Videoverleih #.


Marco R. friendica
@Friendica Support

The API /account/verify_credentials shows an http error page "Unauthorized" when the password is wrong. I think it should return a JSON accoring to /help/api. Was that changed lately?

In the latest GWO Podcast the author struggles to understand the concept of KActivities. Just as almost every @KDE user, I guess...

GNU World Order Linux Cast: gnuWorldOrder_456


Marco R. friendica
!Linux On Mobile

Nice overview for apps in mobile Linux:

Marco R. friendica

Friendica Forum for Linux on mobile

Hi there,
I just created a forum for all topics around Linux on Mobile: !Linux On Mobile
Comments, questions,... are welcome!

# daily driver challenge

Wow! Gnome Weather with nice overview and data provided by my favorite meteorological institute ☺

Librem5 daily driver challenge 4

I switched from Gnome Podcasts to Kasts. It has no OPML import yet, but a nice search function. There are far more options for episode handling and even a sync with a Nextcloud app! Gnome Podcasts becomes unusable after a while as there is no right click on the phone (which is needed for episode deletion, and there is no auto deletion!).

@Purism Where can I help with the translation of the # GUI? And how do I get my app Friendiqa into the store?
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