I didn't know that Voyager has that much fans...


Grünenchef Habeck hat die Nase voll von sozialen Medien. Nachdem Hacker massenweise Daten von Politikern im Internet veröffentlicht haben, will Habeck nicht mehr bei Twitter und Facebook aktiv sein. Von Kristin Becker.


#SelfHosted #FOSS #EthicalTechnology

Qt background tasks

Does anyone know how to start scheduled background tasks in Qt? Is there some timer class or some OS specific thing like the JobScheduler in Android?
Thank you! Android kills all apps regularly and you have to create services for background tasks due to battery saving. I wonder what the mechanism on Plasma Mobile etc. is and how battery is working...
So no background sync for social media with apps from store? Hmmm...

Do NOT consume palm oil. Palm oil plantations KILL helpless orangutans on purpose. When you eat processed food products with palm oil, THIS is what you are buying.

Palm Oil Investigations

Palm oil and species extinction
​Quote Taken from COP (Centre For Orangutan Protection)
"Orangutans’ #poaching is done deliberately as a policy made by #palmoil #corporations. Therefore they hire local people as pest busters, who serve the #corporation with #killing any #wild #animals, including #orangutans, which spoil #palm oil trees within the #plantations. The pest busters will bring up a cut-off hand of an #orangutan they have killed and hand it to the corporation as a proof. When they find an adult female orangutan with her baby, they will usually kill the ‘mother‘ and take away the baby for pet or sale".

It is estimated that over 50 Orangutan are killed every week due to #deforestation. #Forest homes are cleared by either heavy machinery or fire. Orangutans are left starved with no #food source and often trapped in pockets of isolated areas with no way out and often wander onto plantations searching for food. The orangutan are considered a pest by many of the oil palm companies as they often destroy young palm plants in the hope of finding food.​ They are run over by excavation equipment, doused in petrol and burnt alive, captured, tortured, beaten, shot with air guns or slaughtered. As forest home is destroyed they become vulnerable to poachers. Infant orangutans have monetary value and are often kept as pets or illegally smuggled, the only way a mother will let go of her infant is if she has been killed.
#animalrights #wildlife #habitat #vegan #veganism

Wir halten Staatstrojaner für verfassungswidrig - deshalb sind wir froh, mit Rückendeckung der Gesellschaft für @freiheitsrechte@twitter eine Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen das aktuelle Polizeigesetz in Baden-Württemberg einlegen zu können!

Das ganze verursacht leider Kosten, deshalb bittet die GFF um Spenden:

Kaum Nutzen durch Blockchain...

Blockchain for International Development: Using a Learning Agenda to Address Knowledge Gaps | MERL Tech

Sparkassen: Flächendeckender Einsatz von Google Analytics

Untersuchung: Microsoft Office sammelt Daten und verstößt gegen die DSGVO | heise online

Im Magen eines an der indonesischen Küste tot angespülten Wals sind 115 Plastikbecher und zwei Flip-Flop-Sandalen gefunden worden. Insgesamt hatte das Tier fast sechs Kilo Plastik im Bauch.

Die mühsame Anreise durch Datenschutz-Deutschland: Das „Omnibus-Gesetz“ – #Bundesregierung #Datenschutz #Europa

Landesregierung will erneut Polizeigesetz in BW verschärfen. Was soll das?!?

Keine erneute Verschärfung des PolG in BW!

Sozialdemokrat und Steuergegner: Olaf Scholz bremst EU-Digitalsteuer – #bundesfinanzministerium #EuropäischeUnion #Digitalsteuer #Demokratie #olafscholz #facebook #google

Open Contacts: Abgeschottetes Android-Telefonbuch

Sounds very interesting. Have you already read it?
Yes, nothing spectacular... Mostly things we already know.
Nevertheless, thank you for the tip.

Search API

Hello @Friendica Support , I try to use the API /api/search. But for every item I search I get an empty array. Is this function broken or is it just me? I'm in 2018/09 master.
I guess that the search is just totally crappy.

Love this letter and hope that #nasa did actually respond because #science matters😀 #newhere #glpusrefugee #gplusalumni

Friendiqa in Google Play Store

Hello @Friendica Developers ,
I received a strange email from Google. I have to remove any reference to Friendica until I provide a written contract with the owners of the Friendica brand that I am allowed to use the name...


I wonder if they ask the same of Twitter app developers. 🙁
Concerning the blog post: Sometimes these funny little stories are getting publicity.
The joys of artificial "intelligence", I guess. Sooner or later we will all have to argue with our door whether or not we're allowed to enter our own flat. *sigh*
Maybe it is sufficient to reply to Google that Friendica is an open source project licensed under AGPL 3.0. But then again, would this be read by an actual human being?
I did that already, this mail was the response to that, presumably by a human.
The new version of the app is in the Playstore with all references to Friendica removed...
Ugh, thank you for your work, we'll keep refering to Friendiqa as a mobile client.

Satire: Antivirus-Scanner der Extraklasse!

Nice statistics!

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