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New version Friendiqa App

@Friendica Developers Hi, I just uploaded version 0.004 of my Friendiqa Android app on github
I hope you like it. Tests and pull requests, especially for translations are welcome. New features are the events tab, conversations as child of news item, german translation and other small improvements.
Great news, thanks! I don't have an Android phone but I'll pass the news around.
In theory a QML based code can be translated to an IOS app. But the restrictive Appstore prevents distribution of GPL lid products. I could use another license, but then I have to pay Qt 80 USD per month. I don't think so many people would buy the app...
I don't think so either, and the iOS Home Screen App works for most usage.
Tobias Friendica
Do you plan to get it into f-droid store?
Yes, but the procedure is somewhat difficult. I plan it with the next release of the app.

No data in APi for Mastodon user

Hi there,
in the API /api/statuses/friends_timeline the fields name, screen_name,profile_image_url, profile_image_url_https are empty and the fields location and network are "unkn" for user Will this be handled in the next Friendica release? @Friendica Support
There are massive improvements concerning Mastodon.

Github Site

@Friendica Developers The github site of Friendica links to which doesn't work atm! Btw, where can I find an SVG of the Friendica logo?
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Wilhelm Friendica
So should that GitHub page link directly to And whoever has access to editing that GitHub page, probably would be a good idea to remove the location info. This is an international project.
Sandro Friendica
A pull request is welcome to add a badge to

GIF Upload changed to JPG

@Friendica Support Hi there, if i upload an animated gif via web frontend for a message, it is automatically saved as a non-animated jpg file. Is there a special reason for that?
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If you have access to your server, you can check if the relevant package for imagick is installed (iirc its php-imagick; it depends on your distro how it is named and which tools you should use).

If you don't have access, you could try: Friendica web - your profile/images - edit an image - select rotating clockwise - if this doesn't work you don't have Imagick installed (at least I guess this is the reason why rotating is not working on my server).

Images are stored in database, code renders image to the different scales (2 = thumbnail, 1 = normal size, 0 = full view). Therefore data is changed, which seems to convert gif to jpg.
Works like a charm, thank you so much! Now i can implement gif attachments in Friendiqa!
Now i can implement gif attachments...

NOOOOoooo.... ;-)

Own jabber server

After my last Jabber provider closed the server, I thought i should install my own. I thought installation would be easy, but I spend four days to get Prosody work... Today I found out that configuration is indeed easy, but someone mixed up the certificate file with the key file
Now I try to find out how to connect it to Friendica.

Calendar JSON output

@Friendica Developers Hello, would it be difficult to implement the output of /cal/[user]/json and related functions for new events via API? Thanks!
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Should be not that difficult. Just copy the missing parts for the json output from events.php to cal.php. I haven't looked into the code. Maybe we need to check that the permissions are respected (but I guess I have implemented something like this.)

Side-Note: We should try to unify the json request. Does mean: we should try to use rather ?format=json than /json/ in the query
The result type is triggered by an Identifier before the ? in url. Server/api/groups/list.json returns json, server/api/groups/list.xml returns xml format. Omitting the identifier returns json by default.

In the long-term plan I would like to implement events into my Win10 app, too. But I cannot give an estimation when I will have time for this. Great, if someone else wants to make the api extensions in the meantime...

English Wikipedia entry

@Friendica Support Hi there, does anybody have a Wikipedia account? The English Wikipedia entry for Friendica needs an update for the version number. I think it is important to show that the project is in active development... Thanks in advance!
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I don't know my way around wikipedia, and my Google-fu is poor. Where can I find the German version to translate from?
Thanks. In my defence, it was hard to find in Google because all the results for German wikis about Friendica sent me to Oliver's wiki, not Wikipedia. That's the search bubble for you. But I probably should have been able to guess that from the URL...

I'll get it done in the next few hours.
I'm just happy to help you getting anything done. ?
My concentration isn't great these days. I know I'm thrasing a lot, and starting lots of things, and taking ages to actually finish anything, but i finally did it.

I finally started and finished something.

New Friendiqa Android Version

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers
Hi Developers, I put version 0.003 of Friendiqa for Android on github.
You might test it. If you have an older version installed, you need to uninstall it first due to database changes. I'm happy about bug reports and ideas. Cheers!

Smiley addons in Friendiqa app

@Friendica Developers Hello friendly developers, I integrated smiley bbcode in my Friendiqa Android app. I make the additional smileys visible depending on smiley_addon and smilies_adult being installed on the server. Does that make sense? Are the smileys on the senders server or on the receivers server translated to pictures? Thank you for your help!
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The two smiley addons exist because at the time, we still had delusions of becoming mainstream. People kept telling me they wanted lots of games in their social, so we added lots of games. They told us they wanted more interesting pokes, so we added more interesting pokes. They said they wanted more interesting relationship options, so we added lots of more interesting relationship options. Smiley central was big at the time, so we gave them smiley central.

adult_smilies was isolated, and also renamed smilies_adult to make it appear down the list as we were trying to win over a church group at the time, and we didn't know how conservative they were, and didn't want adult_smilies being the first thing they saw in the addon repo.

I'm proud of morechoice. The rest...I'd be happy if it all just disappeared.

That's just a history lesson - the point of it is that all this was done without much thought. We were being populists, not developers.

Smilies as they exist now are broken. They don't federate - even over DFRN - they're sensitive to load order because of the way the regex works. Translations were the worst idea I've ever had - now the smilies don't necessarily federated even if you both have the addon installed!. Oh, and having two translations enabled can mutually break each other thanks to the load order issues.

Frankly, I should be hung, drawn and quartered. The addons should be removed. The handful of smilies in core should be replaced with something that federates. Unicode isn't the only way to do this, but it's probably the simplest.
Thanks for this post-mortem as well as interesting historical tidbits about Friendica!
Fabio Friendica
So, what I get is "we can remove smilies addon".. I'm ok with it.
I would be ok also with stop using smilies at all.. let's people who want to add smilies to use some uncodes.. unicode federate better (as long we don't break encoding :) )
Tobias Friendica
That's what the option "use no smi­lies" is for. If you don't like them, don't use them.
Which is not really working.
Tobias Friendica
It is not? I've tested it the other day and it worked for me

screen_name in posts

@Friendica Support Hi, in my app I use a menu to include the \@ + screen_name to send a post to other contacts or forums. However, some screen_name are not unique. I remember that I can extend the screen_name with a + and some number. Which number was this?
This is the id of the contact. Better you use the @user@domain.tld format.
In the return values of /api/statuses/friends I only have the screen_name, the name, the id, the cid, and the url. I could try to cut the domain.tld part out of the profile url, but I think this is error prone. A combination of screen_name and id or cid is better imho.
The cid is the id you are looking for, I guess. But I think we should add the address as field as well.
Thanks a lot!
That's their contact ID - the 'id' field from the contact table corresponding to that person. You're not supposed to use that manually, it's only meant for the drop down list.

Statuses-API and Attachments

@Friendica Developers Hi there, in my Friendica website i can send and receive all types of binary attachments. In the statuses API I can only receive image attachments. Is there a reason for that? Thanks for your help!
The API is mostly the GNU Social API which is a copy if the Twitter API. And they don't support that.
Does that mean, the Friendica specific functions can only be extended via the api/friendica endpoint? Good to know...
Thank you! Btw, there is a return value friendica_owner for the statuses API. What is this for?

New Friendiqa Android version

@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Hi, I just put version 0.002 of my Friendica Android client on Github. You can test it and report bugs. The Reply doesnt work atm, it gives a 403 error. Probably its a server error...

Location Field in

@Friendica Developers Hello Developers, in the return of API /api/statuses/friends the location field is always filled with "Friendica". For the API /api/statuses/friends_timeline it is a real location for the contacts. Is there a reason for the difference? Cheers!
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As far as I can remember we are using the location under /friends for the network they are in. This could be Friendica, but also Diaspora, OStatus, ...
It seems for contacts the location comes fromthe gcontact table. For friends it comes from the user table and if this is empty, the network name. It seems, the location field in the user table is always empty...

Hi Gerhard, it would be great f you could write a new API. The current one can only upload to the wall (its hardcoded). A dieect upload to an album would be great.
I think the eduted picture should overwrite the old one.
Concerning the second question: the Rotate button already worked some years ago. I dont think it has something to do with the PHP version

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