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wie lautet die generelle Feed-Adresse auf den Podcast? Auf der Webseite klappt das abbonieren nicht, scriptkrams...

Marco R. Friendica

Opt-Out: Datenanalyse bei Visa und Mastercard widersprechen

Das macht es für freie Netzwerke wie Friendica nicht gerade einfacher...

Kommentar: RSS ist tot und das ist eine Schande | heise online

Ein Weg, gegen den Staatstrojaner aktiv zu werden:

Marco R. Friendica

Neue Friendiqa version

Hallo @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers I just pushed a new version of Friendiqa to the fdroid repo and to my new git account at
Changes from last version:
* By popular demand: Conversations open in a new stack, like in Twidere
* Conversations open after (long) press on news, like in Twidere
* Image attachments are shown below text and can be enlarged, like in Twidere (solves issue #8)
* New messages are html, line breaks work (solves issue #7)

If I don't reveive any bug reports, I publish the version to the Playstore.
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Hi, I'm getting this: qrc:/qml/friendiqa.qml:33:1: module "QtQuick.LocalStorage" is not installed
Seems to be a device specific issue. Whats your Android version and processor type?
I have run it from my PC (no android user here). And I know know the cause of it. The package qml-module-qtquick-localstorage is missing on my system.
@Marco R. maybe you can make that package required? Without friendiqa will start but cannot work. I only have a small white window.
I thought so. Localstorage is part of qtquick which is defined in the .pro file. The fact that qtquick is split in several parts in Linux distributions cannot be handled by the source code. If there will be Friendiqa packages for Distributionspolitik, the requirements should be handled there...
I dont know how to properly add the repo-adress to Fdroid, so that I could install friendiqa via fdroid...
Its options --> package sources --> plus

Marco R. Friendica


I am planning to switch to the #Kirigami framework for @Friendiqa in the future. Does anybody habe experience/opinions about this framework? #KDE #

Marco R. Friendica
If you're fed up of #Amazon's tax dodging, poor working conditions and data gathering, here are some book-themed ethical alternatives on #PrimeDay:

#Books #eBooks #Kindle #Goodreads #DeleteAmazon #DeleteKindle #AmazonStrike #Alternatives #Privacy

Marco R. Friendica
Openbook will die datenschutzfreundliche Alternative zu Facebook werden: Ohne Werbung, ohne Nutzerdaten zu sammeln. Nicht nur in puncto Finanzierung dürfte es ein neues Netzwerk schwer haben. Von David Zajonz.
Marco R. Friendica
Zumindest in den Kommentaren wird Friendica, Hubzilla & Co erwähnt...

Marco R. Friendica

API return for atrachments

@Friendica Developers Hi, is there a reason why the attachment object in the API return for statuses/friends_timeline contains the original URL but the text field and htmlstatus field contain a proxied URL?

Of course I want to use the proxied url instead of the original url in Friendiqa for privacy reasons, but I have to cut it from the text field...
Marco R. Friendica
Never mind, this occurs only for foreign networks...

New git home

@Friendica Developers Hi, after the takeover of Github by Microsoft I'm looking for a new home for the source code of my projects (Friendiqa, Federazione widmet, friendica-comment,...). Is it possible to get an account on Or can I login with an OpenId account? Cheers, Marco
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@Roland Häder I think you have forgotten to like the first comment of @Tobias 😀 Happy weekend!
😉 My biggest hobby here (and forums) as this gives an applause for good content.
I'm registered there now.
Cool. 🆒 Please tell me if something doesn't work as expected.

API /users/show

@Friendica Developers Hi, it seems someone changed the API /users/show in 2018-08. It now requires login. Is there a reason for this or is it a bug?

Marina Sirtis at Comicon


Friendiqa 0.3

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers I just put the new version of the Friendica Android client in the FDroid binary repo at New in this version: refactoring of the whole news part, search for keywords, public timeline, timeline for group, click on hashtags. There are also some bug fixes and design changes. The github repo and Google Playstore will be updated soon.

Hubzilla,Friendica,Mastodon,Peertube apps for YunoHost(self-hosting)

@Hubzilla Support Forum
@Friendica Support
Just updated the Hubzilla testing package for YunoHost and is open for testing.

Install Hubzilla on YunoHost with just a single command or through admin interface :yunohost app instatll --verbose<br></br>Here are some other federated apps:
Mastodon app
Friendica testing app
Peertube testing app.

Complete list of YunoHost apps is here.

heise online: Umstieg auf Open Source: Schleswig-Holstein will sich von Microsoft lösen

Der Kieler Landtag hat beschlossen, dass die Verwaltung langfristig komplett auf freie Software umgerüstet werden soll.

Mit breiter Mehrheit hat der schleswig-holsteinische Landtag am Donnerstag beschlossen, dass langfristig in der Verwaltung keine Software von Microsoft mehr verwendet wird. In dem Antrag der Jamaika-Koalition verabschiedeten Antrag wird die Landesregierung gebeten, ihre im Herbst formulierte Softwarestrategie "fortzuführen, um eine moderne und leistungsfähige Verwaltung zu gewährleisten und möglichst viele Verfahren bei wesentlichen Änderungen oder der Neuvergabe auf Open-Source-Software umzustellen". Dahinter steht das Ziel einer "vollständigen Ablösung von Closed Source" durch quelloffene Software...

Tags: #de #deutschland #schleswig-holstein #verwaltung #software #open-source #oss #foss #floss #linux #heise #ravenbird #2018-06-17

The most successful people I've met:

1. Focus on what matters
2. Make rational decisions
3. Avoid pointless arguments
4. Don't get sucked into bikeshedding
5. Hold non-dogmatic beliefs
6. Use spaces not tabs
7. Use vim not emacs

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