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The fediverse is Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada and all their friends, federating. But what do we call all the silos, the ad-based family of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and friends? How about Adverse? It's true: a universe founded on ad serving. And a reminder that the offer plenty of adversity.

Marco R. Friendica
Ich finde das schockierend!

Markus Friendica (AP)
@Marco R. Da kommt es wenigstens den Insekten zu Gute, wenn man Faul ist und den Garten etwas verwildern lässt.
Joe Slam Friendica

ich kauf immer bei Wildgärtnerei Strickler, die ist da auch verlinkt..
Marco R. Friendica
Danke für den Tip!

Marco R. Friendica
Economics is the pseudo science of the rich.

Marco R. Friendica
I hadn't visited their site in quite some time... so long, in fact, that I had forgot it existed to be quite honest... :\

That said, I'm happy to have rediscovered The Center for Humane Technology while tidying up my bookmarks! Their site does have some great info, and while I know this isn't exactly news to many of you, it is definitely worth sharing things like this to keep these topics active, and the discussions happening often!

This sort of info really needs to circulate on the proprietary networks, as most of us who use #distributed / #federated networks are all too aware of this stuff - but if you have access to FB, Twitter and the like, then please share things like this on there!

Marco R. Friendica
Finally an Android app for gitea!

GitNex (Native client for Gitea) -

Marco R. Friendica
I find it revealing when people mock where I came from, & say they’re going to “send me back to waitressing,” as if that is bad or shameful.

It’s as though they think being a member of Congress makes you intrinsically “better” than a waitress.

But our job is to serve, not rule.

Schon älter, aber daran müsst ihr nach jeder Installation von LineageOS denken: Rückwärtssuche für die Telefonnummer deaktivieren. Ansonsten geht die Anfrage beim Aufruf der Telefon-App direkt an Google.

Protect freedom on radio devices: raise your voice today! | Max's weblog

Offener Brief an die Stadt Tübingen - "Finger weg von Cybervoting!"

Excellent blog in ActivityPub et al.

kaniini's blog!

So kann man natürlich seine Kunden vergraulen. Fail Sparkasse!

Zum Glück gibt es ja noch andere Banken:

For anyone #teaching #programming, this is excellent.

Ten quick tips for teaching programming

Full citation:

Brown, Neil C. C., and Greg Wilson. “Ten Quick Tips for Teaching Programming.” PLOS Computational Biology 14, no. 4 (April 5, 2018): e1006023.

#research #scientificComputing

Ad code 'slows down' browsing speeds - BBC News

A "gold standard" study finds deleting Facebook is great for your mental health |

our @diggity of @privacylab on Google surveillance: “Google’s the biggest threat in sheer size and the amount of data they have. And they’re really good at crunching that data...” #SurveillanceCapitalism

Die nächste Verschärfung in BW ist bereits auf dem Weg: „Onlinedurchsuchung“ auf bloßen Verdacht #staatstrojaner
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