Marco R. Friendica (AP)

New Friendiqa version in Frdoid repo

@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Hi there, I just uploaded version 0.5 of Friendiqa to my binary Fdroid repo at
Important changes:

* Redesign due to QML Components 1 being deprecated in Qt 5.12: Slideview for News, left Drawer for Settings, message creation in listview header
* Android Notifications for News, DMs, Replies
* Global app config separated from account config

If I don't get any bug reports I will upload the version to Google Playstore.
Cheers, Marco
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Marco R. Friendica (AP)
The system requirement is Android 5.1. Do you see anything in your system log? Can you allow access to filesystem in Android system settings-->apps-->Friendiqa and check if it still crashes?
René W. friendica (AP)
App is still crashing when allowing filesystem access before first launch. Have to figure out where i can find the system log . 😀
Marco R. Friendica (AP)
There is a logcat reader app in Fdroid store.
Marco R. Friendica (AP)
Can confirm the problem with android 6.0 emulator. Unfortunately no error message given...

New Friendiqa version 0.4

Hi there,
I put a new version of Friendiqa at my binary F-Droid repo
I wasted lots of hours to implement a background sync feature. The replies API was also implemented and the app asks now for storage access permission on first start (a feature of Android >6). If you find any bugs, please report them. I will put the version in the Playstore after some days.
@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Why were those hours wasted? Doesn't it work?
It works, but I had to reimplement the news part again in Qt C++ (formerly JavaScript) and feared I have to reimplement it again in Java along the way. The Android JobScheduler is only available from Java so I had to do stuff again in a language I don't like. The worst part was to find a way stop the Qt service and then the Java part in order to restart it when it gets called from Android. It took a lot of trying and failing...
I'm sorry about that...
good job and thanks 😍

feature request: preview for links

@Friendiqa !Friendiqa
Hi there, and thx a lot for work on Friendiqa.
I'd like to suggest a major feature for future version:

Create preview for links:
- If a post contains a link, create a preview of that link's target,
- If a link points to a twitter-tweet, display that tweet
- If a link points to a picture, display that picture
- if a link points to a youtube-video, embedd it as a video

I know, that's a lot, but I am sure it will definitly improve user experience... at least I am missing it. 😀
How is it different from the post preview feature?
Where do I find the code for that? Probably I can adapt it for Friendiqa.
Oh, for Friendiqa! In this case, we have a specific endpoint for it:
POST /item
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;

  • type: ?
  • profile_uid: Current user id.
  • parent: Probably the parent item ID for comment preview.
  • jsreload: ?
  • preview: Should be 1.
  • post_id_random: A random number as far as I can see.
  • body: The raw BBCode body.

The response is JSON in this form:
    "preview" : "\n<div id=\"live-search\"><\/div>\r\n\n\n<div id=\"tread-wrapper--1\" class=\"tread-wrapper\">...<\/div>\n\n\n<div id=\"conversation-end\"><\/div>\n\n"

The HTML returned is a full post, so the structure will depend on the user's theme, but with frio you can find the actual post body here: <div class="wall-item-body" id="wall-item-body-P0">Post content</div>

Sorry it is such a mess.
It seems you have to be logged in to use the function. It is not possible to use it via API.☹
Not yet, but you can submit an API feature request for it.
Done. Issue number 5892.

New Friendiqa version

I just uploaded a new version to the Fdoid repository.
New features:
* Update for OpenSSL and Qt
* Experimental support for Peertube (links are expanded for video widget)
* Some unicode emojis
* Redesign of contact details (click on contact opens in new stack and shows last news)

If I don't receive any news of new bugs I upload it to the Playstore this week.

@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Jonny Friendica
What is the fdroid repo link ?
Jonny Friendica

New Friendiqa version

I just uploaded a new version to the Fdroid repository.

New features:
* If news item text contains an url ending on .mp3, .mp4, .ogg, .webm or .avi, the audio/video can be played in the app.
* In the photo tab, images can be moved to another album or renamed (somewhat buggy atm.).

Bug fixes:
* irregular crashes when opening conversation
* check if nickname exist on server removed due to API change in 2018-08
* image selection for messages and album upload

If I don't receive any news of new bugs I upload it to Playstore next week.

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers
Wäre es den möglich in der App das die Gefallen und nicht gefallen Buttons etwas mehr hervorgehoben werden wenn geklickt? Ist in Moment kaum zu unterscheiden ob man den Beitrag geliked hat oder nicht.
Gute Idee, irgendwelche Vorschläge? Früher wurden die Buttons gelb, sah aber blöd aus. Vielleicht ein anderes/zusätzliches Symbol?
Markus Friendica
Ging bei mir jetzt auch. Sag mal @Marco R. hast du das GitHub-Repository verschoben? Ich dachte das war früher unter zu finden. Jetzt ist es hier: und ohne Issue-Tracker.
Ja, ist jetzt unter Ich will weg von github. Suche übrigens noch einen guten gitea Android client. Gibt es sowas?

Markus Friendica
Hello !Friendiqa

with which sdk version can you build #Friendiqa?

I'm using QtCreator with SDK-Tools 26.1.1 and it complains about missing gradle scripts.
I think it is an oder version like 25.03. Google messed with the libstd in later versions, so I had to avoid them...
Markus Friendica
Hmm, ok. I already tried to get older SDK-Tools, but I didn't find anything older than 26.1.1 on the official site. But besides that I think I don't have QtCreator set up properly, because I can't even create a dummy QtQuick project for Android.
Setting up Qt for Android is a pain in the ass and I am very happy that my environment works atm.
Its possible that Qt doesnt work with newer SDKs.
I have to correct myself. It is 25.2.5

utzer Friendica
@Friendiqa in what form do I have to enter "Kurzname" (user name)? It keeps telling me "Name and der Seite nicht registriert!", what am I doing wrong?
Its the nickname. The function /api/users/show is used for validation. It was to authenticated function in develop for no apparent reason. I opened issue 5318 for that.
utzer Friendica
It worked too login with the other phone some days ago. But what you say is it shouldn't work?
It works but it shows the message because validation does not work.

Marco R. Friendica

Neue Friendiqa version

Hallo @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers I just pushed a new version of Friendiqa to the fdroid repo and to my new git account at
Changes from last version:
* By popular demand: Conversations open in a new stack, like in Twidere
* Conversations open after (long) press on news, like in Twidere
* Image attachments are shown below text and can be enlarged, like in Twidere (solves issue #8)
* New messages are html, line breaks work (solves issue #7)

If I don't reveive any bug reports, I publish the version to the Playstore.
Hi, I'm getting this: qrc:/qml/friendiqa.qml:33:1: module "QtQuick.LocalStorage" is not installed
Marco R. Friendica
Seems to be a device specific issue. Whats your Android version and processor type?
I have run it from my PC (no android user here). And I know know the cause of it. The package qml-module-qtquick-localstorage is missing on my system.
@Marco R. maybe you can make that package required? Without friendiqa will start but cannot work. I only have a small white window.
Marco R. Friendica
I thought so. Localstorage is part of qtquick which is defined in the .pro file. The fact that qtquick is split in several parts in Linux distributions cannot be handled by the source code. If there will be Friendiqa packages for Distributionspolitik, the requirements should be handled there...
Joe Slam Friendica
I dont know how to properly add the repo-adress to Fdroid, so that I could install friendiqa via fdroid...
Marco R. Friendica
Its options --> package sources --> plus

Marco R. Friendica


I am planning to switch to the #Kirigami framework for @Friendiqa in the future. Does anybody habe experience/opinions about this framework? #KDE #

Marco R. Friendica

Friendiqa 0.3

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers I just put the new version of the Friendica Android client in the FDroid binary repo at New in this version: refactoring of the whole news part, search for keywords, public timeline, timeline for group, click on hashtags. There are also some bug fixes and design changes. The github repo and Google Playstore will be updated soon.

soloojos (Hubzilla) hubzilla

Simzie Friendica

Marco R. Friendica

New Friendiqa version 0.2.2

@Friendiqa I published a new version of the Android app on github, fdroid binary repo and Playstore. Notable changes are a link to a list of public servers in the config page and the possibility to share text and urls to Friendiqa. The SendMessage page got some design changes and bug fixes.
utzer Friendica
I still get the API error, is this because of changes in the developer branch of Friendica? Do you need help to fix this, someone can probably help or look into the server log if needed.
Marco R. Friendica
I opened issue #4838 on Friendica github. I also posted a newsitem where I got the error. There is nothing I can do on the client side. The error has to be fixed in the server side. It disappears if you delete the newsitem with the error from the Web UI.
utzer Friendica
Thanks for the feedback, must have missed/forgot about that issue on GitHub.

soloojos hubzilla

Marco R. Friendica

Friendiqa version 0.2.1

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers Hi there, I just pushed a new version to github ( and my fdroid repo. It has some Bugfixes and new features (Android Intents for pictures and truncation of long posts). You can test it. When I don't get any bug reports I upload it to the Play store this weekend.
Tobias Friendica
Gleich mal gepullt und die Desktop Version neu gebaut.
Marco R. Friendica
Ich hoffe, sie funktioniert. Der Fokus war diesmal auf die Android Intents. Ohne Java-Kenntnisse ein schwieriges Unterfangen...
Tobias Friendica
Ja, das funktioniert soweit. Wenn ich das richtig gesehen habe sind jetzt alle Kontakte da 😀 Was bei mir nicht funktioniert, aber das liegt daran, dass ich das richtige QML Paket noch nicht gefunden und installiert habe, ist die Kalender-Ansicht. Ich hab QML ja über APT installiert und dabei anscheinend eines übersehen, wobei von der Fehlermeldung ausgehend müsste es eigentlich da sein *g* Was ich unheimlich praktisch fände wären Zeilenumbrüche, stelle ich grade fest, dass die nicht funktionieren.
Marco R. Friendica
Die Kalendersache ist in irgendwelchen Labs QML Bibliotheken, ich weiss nicht, ob die bei der Standard-Qt Installation dabei sind.
Tobias Friendica
Muss ich mal schauen was da noch so an Labs Paketen rum geistert bei apt.
Marco R. Friendica
Fürt den Kalender nutze ich Keine Ahnung, in welchen Paketen das rumschwirrt...
Tobias Friendica
Danke, werden ich mal schaun.
Marco R. Friendica
Was meinst du denn mit Zeilenumbrüchen? Beim Verfassen von Nachrichten? Geht das mit BBCode? In der nächsten Version möchte ich den Input auf html umstellen, dann wird eh einiges anders...
Tobias Friendica
Wenn du einen Beitrag schreibst, dann kannst du doch mehrmals die Return-Taste drücken und bekommst dann Absätze.

Und das hatte ich heute Morgen auf dem Deskto nicht setzen können.

utzer Friendica
Anatoly Friendica

Marco R. Friendica

New Friendiqa version on github

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers Hi there, I published a new version of the Friendiqa Android app on github. New functions are viewing of private images of friends (slow but working), a reworking of the image download, more checks on the config page, a profile page, and many bugfixes. And Italian translation thanks to Davide De Prisco. Please test it.
If I don't get any issues, I plan to publish it in the Fdroid binary repo and Google Playstore.
Marco R. Friendica
The new version is now in the fdroid binary repository. Please report any errors!
Michi Friendica
Ich habe eben die App wieder einmal ausprobiert. Jetzt funktioniert sie. Meine Vermutung ist, dass dies mit dem Update auf den neuen Master-Branch 3.6 zu tun hat. Kann das sein?
🅰ndi Friendica
Bei mir leider nicht.
Welche Version nutzt du? Ich hab jetzt mal die 0.2 aus dem Playstore ausprobiert und sie funktioniert auf 2 verschiedenen Geräten nicht. Ist das dort noch die Alte?

Nach dem Eingeben des Namens kommt der Fehler "Cannot read property 'error' of undefined Return"
Michi Friendica
@🅰ndi ich hab mich wohl auch zu früh gefreut. Nun aktualisiert sie wieder keine Beiträge... Nutze die aktuelle Version von f-droid, auch die 0.2. Also schreibe ich halt wieder über Twidere.
🅰ndi Friendica
Schade, hatte gehofft dass G. nur noch nicht die neue Version hat.
Teste dennoch mal die F-Droid Version.
Marco R. Friendica
Hallo, die Versionen im Playstore und in FDroid sind die gleichen. Die Fehlermeldung mit Cannot read error kann man ignorieren. Ich werde das demnächst patchen. Das mit dem fehlenden Update kann ich mir nicht .
🅰ndi Friendica
Haha stimmt! 🐮

Da wird sich mein Kollege freun.
Werd die App nun mal testen.

Michi Friendica

Ich finde es super, dass da eine Friendica-App wieder entwickelt wird, danke!
Habe gestern mal die App getestet. Über das Repo von f-droid installiert. Leider funktioniert sie eigentlich gar nicht. Ich kann die Timeline nicht aktualisieren. Er zeigt mir Beiträge an, welche 42 Tage alt sind. Auch die Kontakte werden nicht geladen.
Habe ich da etwas falsch eingestellt oder sind das einfach noch Bugs?

Michi Friendica
Ich habe nun alle Daten in den Android Einstellungen gelöscht, anschliessend auch das angegebene Speicherverzeichnis. Beim Neustart der App musste ich den Account wieder anlegen und jetzt scheint es zu funktionieren. 😀
@Marco R. danke für den Support! Ich werd jetzt mal noch weiter testen.
Michi Friendica
Leider geht's immer noch nicht richtig. Die Timeline wird nicht aktualisiert. Es werden keine neuen Beiträge angezeigt.

Marco R. Friendica

Friendiqa 0.1.2 now in Google's Playstore

After successful tests from my f-droid repo version 0.1.2 is now in the Playstore. The app now contains an OpenSSL library (it took me two and a half weeks to finally cross compile it for Android - documentation and build scripts are in a poor state IMHO).
Due to US export restrictions for crypto-software the app is not available in some countries anymore (incl. China, Russia, Ukraine,...). But it now works on Android 7 and above. I hate Google for the removal of the OpenSSL system library... (and for some other things). @Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Andy H3 Friendica
Yes sad that google does this. Thanks for your work.
Marco R. Friendica
There are probably reasons for this (lots of old versions of Android withou updates, their own boringssl library,...) but nevertheless...

Marco R. Friendica

New Friendiqa version v0.1.2

Hi there, I pushed a new Friendiqa version to Github and my F-Droid binary repo. The App now includes OpenSSL libraries and should work with Android v7 and above. Could someone test it. I'm releasing it on Google Playstore this weekend. @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers
Andy H3 Friendica
Hi @Marco R. How to add your repository to F-Droid?
Marco R. Friendica
It should be Options --> sources --> "+" symbol
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