New Friendiqa version on github

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers Hi there, I published a new version of the Friendiqa Android app on github. New functions are viewing of private images of friends (slow but working), a reworking of the image download, more checks on the config page, a profile page, and many bugfixes. And Italian translation thanks to Davide De Prisco. Please test it.
If I don't get any issues, I plan to publish it in the Fdroid binary repo and Google Playstore.
The new version is now in the fdroid binary repository. Please report any errors!

Michi Friendica

Ich finde es super, dass da eine Friendica-App wieder entwickelt wird, danke!
Habe gestern mal die App getestet. Über das Repo von f-droid installiert. Leider funktioniert sie eigentlich gar nicht. Ich kann die Timeline nicht aktualisieren. Er zeigt mir Beiträge an, welche 42 Tage alt sind. Auch die Kontakte werden nicht geladen.
Habe ich da etwas falsch eingestellt oder sind das einfach noch Bugs?

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Michi Friendica
Ich habe nun alle Daten in den Android Einstellungen gelöscht, anschliessend auch das angegebene Speicherverzeichnis. Beim Neustart der App musste ich den Account wieder anlegen und jetzt scheint es zu funktionieren. 😀
@Marco R. danke für den Support! Ich werd jetzt mal noch weiter testen.
Michi Friendica
Leider geht's immer noch nicht richtig. Die Timeline wird nicht aktualisiert. Es werden keine neuen Beiträge angezeigt.

Friendiqa 0.1.2 now in Google's Playstore

After successful tests from my f-droid repo version 0.1.2 is now in the Playstore. The app now contains an OpenSSL library (it took me two and a half weeks to finally cross compile it for Android - documentation and build scripts are in a poor state IMHO).
Due to US export restrictions for crypto-software the app is not available in some countries anymore (incl. China, Russia, Ukraine,...). But it now works on Android 7 and above. I hate Google for the removal of the OpenSSL system library... (and for some other things). @Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Andy H3 Friendica
Yes sad that google does this. Thanks for your work.
There are probably reasons for this (lots of old versions of Android withou updates, their own boringssl library,...) but nevertheless...

New Friendiqa version v0.1.2

Hi there, I pushed a new Friendiqa version to Github and my F-Droid binary repo. The App now includes OpenSSL libraries and should work with Android v7 and above. Could someone test it. I'm releasing it on Google Playstore this weekend. @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers
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Andy H3 Friendica
That's great! Thanks very much.
Andy H3 Friendica
Just testing the reply function with a screenshot added.

Is your screen dirty? 😛
Andy H3 Friendica
Haha... I wasn't sure how public this particular post was meant to be that incidentally showed up in my timeline. So I smudged it before posting it to the public.

Binary FDroid repo for Friendiqa

There is now a binary FDroid repo for Friendiqa at I'm going to apply for inclusion in the main FDroid repository, but that may take months. Google Playstore will follow soon. @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers

Bug: my first problena does not login....also does not show me debug or a log of the error which does the login. My server
Tobias Friendica
Not sure (as I did not test this app) but I think you should not use the email address for login but your username (fabianbonetti)

New Friendiqa version 0.1

@Friendiqa @ I just pushed version 0.1 of my Friendica Android app to github:
Have a look at the Changelog for changes. You need to delete older versions of the app first.
I try to get it on F-Droid store in the near future.
Feel free to test it. I'm happy about bug reports and tipps for UI.
Cheers, Marco

New Friendiqa Android Version

@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers
Hi Developers, I put version 0.003 of Friendiqa for Android on github.
You might test it. If you have an older version installed, you need to uninstall it first due to database changes. I'm happy about bug reports and ideas. Cheers!

Marco R. Friendica

New Friendiqa Android version

@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Hi, I just put version 0.002 of my Friendica Android client on Github. You can test it and report bugs. The Reply doesnt work atm, it gives a 403 error. Probably its a server error...
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