New Friendiqa version 0.2.2

@Friendiqa I published a new version of the Android app on github, fdroid binary repo and Playstore. Notable changes are a link to a list of public servers in the config page and the possibility to share text and urls to Friendiqa. The SendMessage page got some design changes and bug fixes.
utzer Friendica
I still get the API error, is this because of changes in the developer branch of Friendica? Do you need help to fix this, someone can probably help or look into the server log if needed.
I opened issue #4838 on Friendica github. I also posted a newsitem where I got the error. There is nothing I can do on the client side. The error has to be fixed in the server side. It disappears if you delete the newsitem with the error from the Web UI.
utzer Friendica
Thanks for the feedback, must have missed/forgot about that issue on GitHub.