US-Blacklist: Google gibt Huawei laut Bericht keine Android-Updates mehr #Huawei #Android #Alphabet #DonaldTrump #Smartphone #Google #Internet #PolitikRecht
diritschka doesn't like this.
that's good news for me anyway.👍👌 I hated all that google surveillance crap on my phone anyway. when I do. get a phone, i have to uninstall all google related apps and other apps that have google, facebook, amazon, or microsoft trackers and just use open source apps from This way, it's less work for me to begin with. hahaha.😂 When I order a phone, I normally request not to put any google products on my asop basic android os. booya woohoo!😁.

who says a lack of google is a bad thing. it's an awesome thing 😁 degoogle yourself. check out,
Karsten hubzilla
Langsam wird das zwischen USA und China echt skurril.