Marco R. Friendica

Neue Friendiqa version

Hallo @Friendiqa @Friendica Developers I just pushed a new version of Friendiqa to the fdroid repo and to my new git account at
Changes from last version:
* By popular demand: Conversations open in a new stack, like in Twidere
* Conversations open after (long) press on news, like in Twidere
* Image attachments are shown below text and can be enlarged, like in Twidere (solves issue #8)
* New messages are html, line breaks work (solves issue #7)

If I don't reveive any bug reports, I publish the version to the Playstore.
Joe Slam Friendica
Thx a Lot for friendiqa!!!!
Marco R. Friendica
Please report any bugs or feature requests...
It would be nice if Friendiqa, would notify me in the taskbar if my posts were answered.
And if Friendiqa would load new posts automatically but the screen should stay at the last reading position so that you can read the new posts without any hesitation.
Hi, I'm getting this: qrc:/qml/friendiqa.qml:33:1: module "QtQuick.LocalStorage" is not installed
Marco R. Friendica
Seems to be a device specific issue. Whats your Android version and processor type?
I have run it from my PC (no android user here). And I know know the cause of it. The package qml-module-qtquick-localstorage is missing on my system.
@Marco R. maybe you can make that package required? Without friendiqa will start but cannot work. I only have a small white window.
I thought so. Localstorage is part of qtquick which is defined in the .pro file. The fact that qtquick is split in several parts in Linux distributions cannot be handled by the source code. If there will be Friendiqa packages for Distributionspolitik, the requirements should be handled there...
I dont know how to properly add the repo-adress to Fdroid, so that I could install friendiqa via fdroid...
Its options --> package sources --> plus