New Friendiqa version 0.4

Hi there,
I put a new version of Friendiqa at my binary F-Droid repo
I wasted lots of hours to implement a background sync feature. The replies API was also implemented and the app asks now for storage access permission on first start (a feature of Android >6). If you find any bugs, please report them. I will put the version in the Playstore after some days.
@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Why were those hours wasted? Doesn't it work?
It works, but I had to reimplement the news part again in Qt C++ (formerly JavaScript) and feared I have to reimplement it again in Java along the way. The Android JobScheduler is only available from Java so I had to do stuff again in a language I don't like. The worst part was to find a way stop the Qt service and then the Java part in order to restart it when it gets called from Android. It took a lot of trying and failing...
I'm sorry about that...
good job and thanks 😍