Friendiqa in Google Playstore

@Friendica Developers Hi, my Friendiqa app is now in the Google Playstore. I had to submit a teaser image and I supplied a screenshot of the website. I hope that is okay with whoever has the copyrights....
No matter what friendica site I put in the server area, I get this:
https://<site>/api/statusnet/config SyntaxError: JSON.parse: Parse error

This happens both when I installed via the apk before it was available via Google Playstore, and also after installing via Google. It doesn't matter what site I try, I've even tried your site as well as several other nodes. I have tried with the install on a tablet running android 7.1.1 as well as my phone running 8.0, results are the same on both devices.
Can you provide a screenshot of your input in the server field?
Here, I input the url and then click into the next area to type the username, that is when the error pops up.
Do you have a firewall installed?
@Marco R. on my phone? No. Also, this happens whether or not I am on WiFi.
The error message says, that it got a response, but was unable to parse it into a JSON object. That might be because the return is not in JSON format or it is empty... It worked on my phones with Android 5.1. I probably push a new version with more detailed error message this evening on github.
Montag Friendica
Same problem here
I just pushed a new apk to github. Could someone test it and tell me what the error message says after Return: ?
I finally managed to get Android 7 running in the Emulator. I can confirm this is an OpenSsl problem for Android 7 onwards. I have to deliver a compiled ssl library in the apk. I try to figure this out in the next few days...
Openssl cross compilation fails with some missing library error... Why cant it just work? 🙁