Friendiqa in Google Play Store

Hello @Friendica Developers ,
I received a strange email from Google. I have to remove any reference to Friendica until I provide a written contract with the owners of the Friendica brand that I am allowed to use the name...


I wonder if they ask the same of Twitter app developers. 🙁
That's weird. What's behind that "Friendica" link in the mail?
Tobias Friendica
Hopefully or the github repository.
The link leads to The Friendiqa code is hosted on but the people at Google still seem to want a written contract.
Ah, preventive IP takedown by a third party, always a pleasure. Who's owning the "Friendica" name? Can I own it so that I can sign such a document?
Tobias Friendica
INAL 😀 but isn't it the Friendica Project reachable at info(at); at least that is the contact address given on the information pages and the github repository.

Do the core contributors get to GNUPG/PGP sign ther the PDF file that @Marco R. then sends to the verification support guy?

Or is it enough that I herewith allow him to use the term Friendica to promote his Friendica client Friendiqa.
Why not posting this as a short blog entry?
Tobias Friendica
Why not indeed. I could write one on Sunday postponing the article about AP a bit. Writing about this case and allow people generally write clients for Friendica and then using the name to promote their clients.
Concerning the blog post: Sometimes these funny little stories are getting publicity.
The joys of artificial "intelligence", I guess. Sooner or later we will all have to argue with our door whether or not we're allowed to enter our own flat. *sigh*
Maybe it is sufficient to reply to Google that Friendica is an open source project licensed under AGPL 3.0. But then again, would this be read by an actual human being?
I did that already, this mail was the response to that, presumably by a human.
The new version of the app is in the Playstore with all references to Friendica removed...
Ugh, thank you for your work, we'll keep refering to Friendiqa as a mobile client.