Marco R. Friendica

Friendiqa 0.1.2 now in Google's Playstore

After successful tests from my f-droid repo version 0.1.2 is now in the Playstore. The app now contains an OpenSSL library (it took me two and a half weeks to finally cross compile it for Android - documentation and build scripts are in a poor state IMHO).
Due to US export restrictions for crypto-software the app is not available in some countries anymore (incl. China, Russia, Ukraine,...). But it now works on Android 7 and above. I hate Google for the removal of the OpenSSL system library... (and for some other things). @Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Andy H3 Friendica
Yes sad that google does this. Thanks for your work.
Marco R. Friendica
There are probably reasons for this (lots of old versions of Android withou updates, their own boringssl library,...) but nevertheless...