API for personal notes

Hello !Friendica Developers ! Is it possible to create an API for personal notes similar to src/Module/Api/Twitter/Favorites.php but with condition 'post-type' => Item:😛T_PERSONAL_NOTE instead of 'starred' (and perhaps 'uid' => local_user() instead of 'uid' = ?)?
Thank you for your help!

Btw. Is it possible to replace colon and p only with an emoji if it is surrounded by whitespaces? 😕
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Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
I could imagine that we extend the API command to create posts via the Mastodon-style API, where you already can define the type of privacy. This could simply be extended with the type "note".
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Yes, that would be great. I think I switch to the Mastodon API in Friendiqa now.
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