Marco R. Friendica

New Friendiqa version in Frdoid repo

@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Hi there, I just uploaded version 0.5 of Friendiqa to my binary Fdroid repo at
Important changes:

* Redesign due to QML Components 1 being deprecated in Qt 5.12: Slideview for News, left Drawer for Settings, message creation in listview header
* Android Notifications for News, DMs, Replies
* Global app config separated from account config

If I don't get any bug reports I will upload the version to Google Playstore.
Cheers, Marco
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René W. friendica
I installed Friendiqa on my #Blackberry DTEK50 (Android 6.0.1) but it immediately crashes, this happens with version 0.4 and 0.5.
What are the system requirements of this app?
Marco R. Friendica
The system requirement is Android 5.1. Do you see anything in your system log? Can you allow access to filesystem in Android system settings-->apps-->Friendiqa and check if it still crashes?
René W. friendica (AP)
App is still crashing when allowing filesystem access before first launch. Have to figure out where i can find the system log . 😀
Marco R. Friendica
There is a logcat reader app in Fdroid store.
Marco R. Friendica
Can confirm the problem with android 6.0 emulator. Unfortunately no error message given...