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This is brilliant: Software engineer got tired of getting rejected by automated screeners and tested a theory.

Real resume: 0% success

Obviously fake resume stuffed with buzzwords: 90% success rate

Calls from from Notion, AirBnB, Reddit, Dropbox, Robinhood, etc

fake resume descrbied


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An evil plot by HR to destroy their companies from within?
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What we're seeing here is the further outsourcing of an already outsourced HR function that have been dismantled to bare-bone structure. Utter dumping down has left no room for any professional HR expertise and the only way to survive is to provide pseudo services that rely on idiotic algorithms that give the illusion of competence and rigour.
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Communications is mostly about the recipient, not the sender, even if (especially if) the recipient is a bot,

A client of mine has just gotten to a stage in her career where she needs to strip out all the keywords, because from here on out her resume is hand-delivered to the hiring manager and never sees the scanner bots.
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@Brad Koehn β˜‘οΈ I literally have a section on my resume labelled "relevant buzzwords"

Just to make myself a little more bot scannable, but to point that out to people who read the resumes
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Buzzword madness! Looks like the world software engineering has fully integrated the BS idea of thriving on meaningless phrases that business schools have perfected over half a century.

Very sad, although nice to see how people play the system.
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Ha have laughed myself to death at "spread std to 60% of the intern team".

(Fortunately I was resurrected by a local necromancer, thanks for asking.)
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Thank you for supporting your local business instead of using the services of a soulless necromancy chain.
@Hypolite Petovan omg the number of people explaining and *defending* the filtering process
Hans W hubzilla (AP)
Sending resumes suck. Most times I got hired was when I simply phoned the person who I should send an e-mail. The deal was, send me an e-mail referring to this conversation and we will talk πŸ˜€
Ted diaspora
Very creative resume and interesting responses