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Friendiqa and Google Play Store

Hello @Friendica Developers ! My new version of the Friendiqa Android app was rejected by the Play Store. According to them, the app

"MUST have the following features/functionalities:
  • Provide an in-app system for reporting objectionable UGC and users:
    • Allows users to report/flag potential violating content.
    • Allows users to report/flag other users for potential violations.
  • Provide an in-app system for blocking objectionable UGC and users:
    • Allows users to remove/block potential violating content.
    • Allows users to remove/block other users for potential violations.
I found an API for Blocking an account in the Mastodon API, but there is no API for reporting UGC (user generated content) and users. And I don't know how to block potential violating content. Is something in that direction in the works?

Funny thing is, the test account for them is following the Tagesschau bot and the objectionable content was either a report on the German team in WM in Quatar or a comment with the hashtag BoycottQatar2022. I wonder which one they found objectionable...

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Mehr Demokratie e.V.: 20 Prozent weniger Demokratie – Nicht mit uns!

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@Carl Schwan It looks like you moved the Nextcloud Talk desktop client to from Is development now happening there?

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Cooles Interview mit Greg KH über die Entwicklung am Linux Kernel:

FLOSS Weekly (Audio): FLOSS Weekly 706: Secrets of the Linux Kernel - Greg Kroah-Hartman and Linux Kernel Development

Webseite der Episode:


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@WEtell.Mobilfunk macht Werbung bei Lage der Nation. Da gibts auch einen Gutschein-Code, mit dem man zwei tolle Projekte gleichzeitig unterstützen kann. 🙂

Hello @Friendica Support When I use the API /api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials with the wrong password, it returns a 401 error and as responseText a html page. According to this documentation it should return a JSON as responseText. In earlier versions it returned a JSON. Will that be corrected in the future or should I handle the 401 error? In that case the documentation probably needs an update.
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Ah okay. Didn't know about the different return with the .json call. Then I change my request in the app.
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I changed the API in my app, you can close the bug.
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In "LINUX Unplugged: 475: Brent's Bug Battle" ging es viel um Probleme mit Plasma in großen Distris. Ich hatte komplett andere Erfahrungen: nach dem Upgrade des Notebooks meiner Eltern auf Ubuntu 22.04 gab es seltsame Fehlermeldungen, selbst mit dem Fehlermeldetool (sowohl unter X.Org als auch unter Wayland) bei jedem Start. Erst ein Umstieg auf Plasma hat das Problem beseitigt. Es war noch eine kleine Schulung notwendig, aber seitdem keine Probleme mehr.

Was sind eure Erfahrungen?

Starten bei: 00:16:31

Webseite der Episode: Mediendatei:

@Friendica Support When I create a post via the twitter API and then want to see the conversation via /api/conversation/show, it says the conversation is not available (probably because it is still the old id, which is higher than the id in the Mastodon API). Worse still is the fact that the return error message is a html and not JSON!
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Warum Atomkraft uns jetzt gar nicht hilft - Campact Blog
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Die Franzosen betreiben auch massive Realitätsverweigerung...

Krisenstab eingesetzt: Atomdesaster in Frankreich nimmt seinen Lauf
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