Since early this year you can follow people in gitea! Just put for example in the contact search field in Friendica and get all the news! Awesome 😍

Weekend saved 😎

@Friendica Support Is it possible to improve the main site of the project ( I find it rather technical and low on images. It think, some usecase would be great in the upper part like: Hobbies: find likeminded people in public or private forums or in the global directory. Organisations: organise your group with images, calendars, forums. And so on... The technical details with access control lists and federation is not interesting to most (nontechnical) people.
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I created a markdown for the content:
If someone has more ideas, feel free to add things. The part for families/organisations is a bit light on content.
I am looking for images for each of the usecases.
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I just pushed a new commit for the Nextcloud Talk desktop client:
It is somewhat usable now.
Now I check the current state of the Friendica APIs...

Weiss jemand, wie man die Impfzertifikate in der CCTG verlängert?

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Pralinen aus der #. Mal sehen, wie die schmecken...

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Jetzt mein # Favorit: #!!!

# # erinnert mich irgendwie an den Film "Eurovision" mit Will Ferrell.

# Countdown startet auf One und Barbara Schöneberger sieht mal wieder echt Hammer aus!

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Coole DVD von meinem Lieblings-Videoverleih #.


@Friendica Support

The API /account/verify_credentials shows an http error page "Unauthorized" when the password is wrong. I think it should return a JSON accoring to /help/api. Was that changed lately?
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In the latest GWO Podcast the author struggles to understand the concept of KActivities. Just as almost every @KDE user, I guess...

GNU World Order Linux Cast: gnuWorldOrder_456


Marco R. friendica

#Librem5 Daily Driver challenge 1

They have podcasts controls in the lock screen! Pretty amazing.

Marco R. friendica
# daily driver challenge

Wow! Gnome Weather with nice overview and data provided by my favorite meteorological institute ☺

Marco R. friendica
Cant't wait for it to land in Arch:

Marco R. friendica

Librem5 daily driver challenge 4

I switched from Gnome Podcasts to Kasts. It has no OPML import yet, but a nice search function. There are far more options for episode handling and even a sync with a Nextcloud app! Gnome Podcasts becomes unusable after a while as there is no right click on the phone (which is needed for episode deletion, and there is no auto deletion!).

Marco R. friendica
@Purism Where can I help with the translation of the # GUI? And how do I get my app Friendiqa into the store?

Marco R. friendica
I really love that GNOME Web/Epiphany, one of my favourite browsers, is also the default browser on # .

Marco R. friendica

#Librem5 daily driver challenge 5

Many dialogs are not fitted to the screen as one can see in this screenshot. 😞

Marco R. friendica

#Librem5 daily driver challenge 3

Screen got blank, probably due to low power, but didn't react after plugged in. Took me some time to find out that you have to held down the power button for a whole 15-18 seconds to reboot!

Marco R. friendica

#Librem5 Daily Driver challenge 2

5.5 hours battery life with continued podcast listening and some light surfing. Not in the range of a modern Android phone, but not bad either.😀

Marco R. friendica
Why is the internationalisation on # that bad? Don't they use the translations from #.

Marco R. friendica
Habe gerade unterschrieben, weiss nicht, ob es was bringt...😟

Marco R. friendica

Friendiqa version v0.6.5

I published a new version of Friendiqa, a mobile and Desktop app for Friendica (more info at ).
The latest version fixes a bug for replies in Friendica 3/2022 . The image download from the gallery works again - yay!
There are also some additional emojis.

You need to remove your account and add it again, because the newsitem id changed in the API in Friendica 03/2022.

The app is available for Android, Linux (Arch Linux and a x86 Flatpak) and Linux Mobile (arm64 Flatpak).

Additional stuff from v0.6.4, if you missed that one:
* Search for new contacts (hashtags, names)
* Filter contacts
* many new emojis
* Rebuild contacts handling due to buggy Contacts API
* Removed permissions for new messages due to buggy Contacts API
* Sync all accounts in background (not only active)

Marco R. friendica

Twitter API deprecated?

!developers In the last release, the old API became worse again. The api/friendica/notification is not existing anymore despite being in the documentation. The API /conversation/show have in_reply_to_I'd which make not sense. In the API /statuses/friends_timeline the news have three user objects which are all the same, even for reposts. For posts with embedded content the images are not in the attachments as was the case in earlier versions.

All this leads me to the conclusion, that these APIs are not in the developers focus, are not tested afterbchanges and degrade over time.

Are App developers required to use the Mastodon API?

Cheers, Marco
Michael Vogel friendica (via ActivityPub)
It will be part of the next release. But it would be much better if you use a server with the develop branch, this speeds up development and tests.
Marco R. friendica
Then I will publish a fixed version which uses the Mastodon API for replies until the next Friendica version. It makes no sense to have a Social Media App where the user cannot reply to a post.

Marco R. friendica
!Friendica Support
The API /api/v1/accounts/:id/following with my account Id returns an empty list. Is that an error in Friendica or did I do something wrong?
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Marco R. friendica
Kann mich nur aufregen über den Unsinn, den Tim Pritlove verbreitet...

Logbuch:Netzpolitik: LNP420 Digitalisierungsfehler
Marco R. friendica
Ich finde Linus Neumann halt ziemlich gut und finde seine Beiträge immer sehr interessant. Aber der Unsinn bezüglich Interoperabilität von den beiden war schon schwer zu ertragen.

Marco R. friendica
@helpers The api /api/conversation/show returns strange values in the new Friendica version 02/2022. The in_reply_to_status_id returns a value that has no relation to any of the id in the conversation. ☹

Marco R. friendica
Nice podcast with a deep dive into Akonadi: GNU World Order Linux Cast: gnuWorldOrder_443

Test User friendica
http scheint nicht zu funktionieren.
Test User friendica
Tatsächlich nicht!

Marco R. friendica
Purism, whats wrong with your build process? The name of the program is gnome 42 (as required by apt), not gnome 46... ☟

João Azevedo mastodon (AP)
that package is part of a meta package called: librem5-base, that pulls default packages to be installed on a pureOS image for a Librem 5. And also sets some default configs.

It's not a gnome package per se.

Some of the packages that are installed using that metapackage are from gnome yes, but not all.

And that meta package; since it is not a gnome package, follows it's own version scheme.
Marco R. friendica
It may be true, that they have other version schemes, but the repo says otherwise. An apt upgrade results with a 404 error for these packages, because it is looking for files with a 42 name.
João Azevedo mastodon (AP)
What version of PureOS are you using: Amber or Byzantium? And on what hardware?
Marco R. friendica
Now the upgrade went through. Probably I just updated at the wrong time. ☺
Marco R. friendica
It is Byzantium on a Librem5.
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